[이벤트] Hey, TasteMakers! #DRIPPIN Video Name Occasion is now open! Get DRIPPIN 2ND MINI … StopWishingStartMaking,DRIPPIN,드리핀,A_Better_Tomorrow,YoungBlood,DRIPPIN_Fansign,MyMusicTaste

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#DRIPPIN Video Name Occasion is now open! Get DRIPPIN 2ND MINI …

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Hey, TasteMakers!
#DRIPPIN Video Name Occasion is now open!🥁 Get 💿DRIPPIN 2ND MINI ALBUM [A BETTER TOMORROW] by way of and seize the possibility! 😉 ❓What’s a World On-line Fansign Occasion?
A World On-line Fansign is a one-of-a-kind alternative to work together by way of a video name along with your favourite artists ❓How?
🔹Purchase DRIPPIN 2ND MINI ALBUM [A BETTER TOMORROW] by way of and routinely enter the draw to take part within the DRIPPIN Video Name Occasion.
🔹Solely 30 fortunate purchasers might be drawn out to take part.
🔹1 CD = 1 entry. A number of entries enhance possibilities to win a spot within the World Video Name Occasion. ❓When?
🔹Gross sales Interval: From Friday, March 5, 2021, 6 PM (KST) to Wednesday, March 17, 2021, 12 PM (KST)
🔹30 winners might be introduced on Thursday, March 18, 2021, 2 PM (KST) by way of electronic mail.
🔹The precise date and time for the World Video Name to be introduced quickly, so keep tuned ❓Questions?
Verify the FAQ on #StopWishingStartMaking #DRIPPIN #드리핀 #A_Better_Tomorrow #YoungBlood #DRIPPIN_Fansign with #MyMusicTaste

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1人以上、、「DRIPPIN 2ND MINI ALBUM TOMORROW ORIPPIN VIDEO__CALLE CALL EVENT 드리핀비디오콜이벤트 참여 방법 일정 행사날짜및시간추후안내 판매기간 당첨자 선발 2021년3월5일(금)오후6시)~2021년3월17일(수)정오 판매 DRIPPIN 2집 2집미니엘범 BETTER TMW]를 구입한 30명 당첨자 안내 2021년 2시 이메일 당첨자 안내 MMT 한정 미공개 특전 응모자 전원 미공개 포토카드 1EA (앨범 구매 7개중 당첨자 전원 사인앨범 미공개 포토카드 SET (7EA) (응모자 포토카드와 당첨자 포토카드의 이미지는 동일합니다 자세한 내용은 MYMUSICTASTE 홈페이지에서 확인 가능합니다. 문의사항은 마이뮤직테이스트로 연락바랍니다 woollir MUSIC」というテキストの画像のようです、「DRIPPIN 2ND MNABU MINI ER TOMORROW ORIPPIN VIDEO VIDEO__CALLE CALL EVENT HOW TO PARTICIPATE EVENT DATE TBA PERIOD Friday March 2021, Wednesday, March (KST) WINNERS SELECTION (KST) 30 lucky purchasers DRIPPIN2ND 2ND MINI ALBUM BETTER TOMORROW randomly selected WINNERS ANNOUNCEMENT Thursday, March 2021,2 PM (KST) via email EXCLUSIVE GIFTS FOR EVERY PURCHASER PHOTOCARD 1EA OUT OF PU) FOR EVERY WINNER SIGNED ALBUM PHOTOCARD SET (7EA) SIGNED PURCHAS GIFT IMAGES ARE THE SAME. YOU CAN CHECK MORE DETAIL INFORMATION IN MYMUSICTASTE.COM QUEST PLEASE CONTACT MYMUSICTASTE. ASTE. woollim MMTST」というテキストの画像のようです

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