[MBTI] Any other INFJs or INTJs (me-swipe for new shades)…

〰️Any other INFJs or INTJs (me-swipe for new shades) out there? This aspect of my typology plays a large role in my work at Method and is a huge reason I am drawn towards my offering, Life Architecture. I adore being present with clients and reading between the lines of verbal communication for uncharted ideas + patterns. Outside of my work, this strength isn’t quite as helpful (no OFF button, unfortunately), but feel grateful to have created a role that so well fits my being.
“In a nutshell, Introverted Intuition combines introversion with a sharp, pattern-seeking intuition. So, the primary way the INFJ or INTJ thinks and analyzes the world around them is hidden from others. The Intuition portion is a perceiving function, which means someone with Introverted Intuition will identify patterns and enjoy research, metaphors, symbolism, and hidden facts. These factors combine to make the INFJ and INTJ hyper-sensitive to stimuli others might miss. Their observational skills, in addition to an inner sense of “knowing,” makes these types perceptive on a seemingly psychic level.

🟪Common signs you have Introverted Intuition:
•You’re an INFJ or INTJ.
•You prefer abstract subjects and concepts.
•You’re future-minded.
•You trust your gut more than first impressions.
•You could spend hours analyzing the symbolism of a book, movie, or song.
•You’re a truth seeker and prefer authenticity.
•You see problems in jobs, relationships, or concepts before others.
•Your hunches about people and situations are generally correct.”

Interested in Life Architecture? Check out the Method Creative website for more information on scheduling ⭐️ Link in bio @method.creative.mpls under “Gifted Services”
✌️Stay weird, Lindsey
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